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Once again I was nothing now 
Having pride to be so called Intelligent,
but this Intelligence don't make me worth
l don 't know what's happening with me.

Am i going right or had been directed 
To the devastation of the self,
Why I can't make my way out of this darkness,
Is it so hard to bypass or I m not capable of.

With the flowing time,l started doubting myself 
l had lost the charm of the intelligence I possessed,
This is driving me to the craziness 
And making me useless within the Vicious Cycle.

l need help to get myself out of the caged mind
Trying to open up So I can Make myself better,
I keep on asking myself what's making me this
Or it's just the real me within this lost world.

Answer is still mysterious becz I have to know
myself better or find someone to tell the flaws of mine,
I shouldn't be expecting anyone to do it for me 
But I am just trying to be human being.

I have healings to do but All I do is lay in bed 
Hoping that the brighter phase is still to come
Heartening my fate and make me what I was,
 I am and I should be.


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