The Hunger For Love Read Count : 14

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Everyone I love is suddenly disappearing on me
I don't know if I'm not worth their time or not
But it feels lonely
Pointless and hard to breathe
Knowing that the person u heart doesn't heart you back
Is it true
Or am I the burden
Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
Months turn into years
Years turn into decade 
What else am I fond of in this world
Or is it all
Loneliness? that's how my heart feels 
Everyone has demons to fight 
But what if in this life I'm the demon itself
The pressure of the sadness crawling in my skin is getting irritating
The hunger to suddenly disappear from this world is all I crave for
Joy is a three letter  word just like  "sad"
There can never be a happy ending with the one you truly love 
Sadness, loneliness the heartbeat rhythm within my soul
What's left is only the body that felt your skin every time it craved pleasure
My soul..depatured tired of hoping to you coming back into my life
Said it over and over again that I love you 
You never listened
I'm gone but u don seem to care
My soul fed on your love
But it's gone, just like u never loved it 
Love,Luss, obsession empathy..what do this words even mean 



  • Nov 12, 2022

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