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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

 It was a rainy, horrible evening when a young boy would go out into the forest and pick blueberries for his onii-san/aniki/big brother to make pie.
 But then all of a sudden he was attacked from behind by a fucking psychopath who had escaped from the psych.  It had also been in the newspaper about the escape but the boy did not know about it and was stabbed and then dragged down a hill and was dying.
 Just as the psychopath was about to leave the boy grabbed his leg, the psychopath then realized what he had done and sat down and looked at the boy to see if he could stop the bleeding and then the boy realized that the psychopath had a diagnosis called DID (formerly known  such as multiple personality disorder) when he saw that the man did not know what he had done but seemed to be getting used to making things right and apologizing.
 The boy looked at the psychopath with a smile that said it's okay.  The psychopath then looked at the boy with a smile and thanked the boy for being so calm and not hating him.  The boy just kept smiling at him and looked at him with a warm look…….. 2 days later the boy woke up in a room he didn't recognize and at the door opening the man stood with a smile and said good morning.  The boy was happy and ran up to him and gave him a big hug as a thank you.
 He asked the boy if he knew why he was in the forest 2 days ago.  The boy replied that he was going to pick blueberries for his onii-san to make pie when the man came from behind and stabbed him.  He apologized for hurting the boy.  The boy gave a big smile and said it's okay because he didn't die but the guy saved him.  The man was happy and looked at the boy with a wide smile.  The boy looked back with a smile and then he called his onii-san and told him that he met a friend and accompanied him home because of the rain.
 The boy noticed that his oniisan seemed absent when he talked to him and asked him what's wrong but got no answer so he hung up and asked the man if he could drive him home and wait in the car in case anything was wrong.  The man took his car keys and drove the boy home and waited in the car while the boy went to see his brother to see what was wrong.
 When the boy entered the apartment, he immediately ran into the kitchen and saw his brother sitting on a chair at the kitchen table, drinking coffee.  The boy asked what's wrong but got no answer so he called the man and asked him to come up and take a look.
 The man came up and saw that the boy's brother looked pale and went closer to check on him.  He felt for a pulse and then he gave the boy a worried look and quickly picked up his phone and called an ambulance and then he took out his bag and put the brother on the floor to examine him and give him emergency surgery until the ambulance arrives.  The boy stood there and just watched, not understanding what was going on.
 When the ambulance arrived, they lifted the boy's brother up on a stretcher and then they quickly went to the emergency room.  If the man had not been there, the boy's brother would not have survived all the way to the hospital.  When they arrived at the emergency room, they took the patient and drove him into the operating room straight away to be operated on.  The operation took 8 hours.  The man sat with the boy outside the operating room and waited.


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