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I cried for you
 I cried because of you
I lied for you,
Endless things for you I'd do 
But it now has come this,
A lie a bucket of piss,
I stayed here for you,
I stayed cause I also wanted to,
Now I'm stuck in a place because of you,
I went to work for you and me,
You take off and it's just me,
I love you you,Rachel ,
I wished I didn't,
So it's fuck you Bryan,
I am not in it,you crushed my heart,
Broken my stride,now run rabbit run,
You know where I am and will be,
The heart and love you stolen from me,
I'm not Forrest and you not jenny,
So I'm going to jigalo for a penny,and find the real Jenny,

You're breaking my heart ,

Love bryan


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