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The days are flying by so slow

It's like speeding in traffic

Just to stop and go

I'm afraid to never get to show

All the love I have been saving for you

I have so much I haven't expressed

It's something I was denied to do

I miss you, do you miss me to?

With tears pouring out

I pray that you are doing ok and are safe

Cried enough my eyes are in a drought 

Family, love & hope is what I'm about

Just because I've made mistakes

I was judged and treated unfair

Accused of things that never took place

Non stop lies throughout the entire case

I pray for your forgiveness one day

I fought with all I had yet I still lost

I never ment to get you taken away

I'm sorry I failed you & couldn't stay

Don't you know your my everything

no one believes what I say

Not a single person was listening

It's you I'm desperately Missing 


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