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Im feeling lonely 
Feeling sad 
Im loing the man i have 
I love this man 
So deep in my hart 
That its gonna brake me if we part
But i know this man 
And hes changed
I think the feelings he had for me aint the same 
He aint happy 
I can see it in his eyes 
The beautiful smile he had
Has been gone for a while 
Is itselfish of me to stay casuse i love him so much 
Should i let him go and let s him live his life
So he dont have to pretend no more and stop living a lie 
I cant make him happy 
All i do is make him sad 
Im the problem
And made him lose the love he had 
So i dont want to 
But i have to for him 
Let him live his life 
And walk away from him 
Its gonna brake me 
Rip my hart in two 
Cause its something i dont want to do 
But i love him and wants whats best him 
I leave him alone 
And let his life begin 
Its breaking meto pieces
Even thinking about walking away 
But hes so unhappy being with me 
Living this way 
Ill never love any one else ever again 
This time was the last and now that the end 
Loves to painful it hurts real bad 
But i love him so much 
Losing him making me sad 
Right now i wanna cut my self up 
I dont care ,
I dont give a fuck 
Im use to losng things that i love 
Cant wait to go up above 
No more hart ache 
No more stress 
I can just close my eyes and finally rest 
All my life my harts got broken 
Beleve me no more 
Cause its not gonna open
 my walls will go up stronger than before
Cause im not gonna get hurt any more


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