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Do you feel the heartbreak of the people bound in chains
Looking for someone to save them from their sorrow and their fears
They cry out for a savior for a GOD that’s lost to them
Their tears fall to the ground like a cold winter rain

Are we not the ambassadors of a life that’s better lived
Being sons and daughters of a just and loving King
Who are we to take away the life that they deserve
To make them all paupers and children of the damned

Preach the gospel to the lost to the people here enslaved
Make a joyful noise to GOD that he may break their chains
Call upon His holy name shout it from the roofs and plains
We are not to be complacent for the time is now at hand

Join together in one prayer that the children they may hear
Of a GOD who will reveal how a heart it can be healed
Take a moment from your lives make a simple sacrifice
The cost is very small but the payoff takes it all


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