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Emily: *Waves her arm in the air* "Hey guys, we're over here!"

Aydin: "Oh hey there,"
*Aydin waves back and smiles* "sorry for the wait."

Addilyn: "Oh no, it's okay."

Emily: "Let's go."


Autumn: "Hey, Emily," *Autumn pauses taking a drink of her juice* "who's Abigail?"

Aydin: "Autumn! That's so rude!"

Addilyn: "Yeah, and what did this Trinstin boy mean when he called Elon a traitor and 'The Beast' ?"

Aydin: "Addilyn, you too, that's rude!"

Autumn: "Don't yell at us, you've been wondering the same thing since the incident-"

Addilyn: "Yeah, especially about the Abigail girl!"

Aydin: "I know, but, I was going to ask Elon, in private..." *mumbles under her breath* "When I got the courage..."

Emily: "It's okay, Aydin, I don't mind answering."

Aydin: "But, Elon's privacy. That seems to be personal information, he hasn't brought up in like two days."

Emily: "I promise it's fine."

Aydin: "Okay..."

Emily: "To answer your questions we'll have to go back a few years, when he attended Chance Center High.."

Autumn and Aydin: "Chance Center High?"

Emily: "When he started high school, I was in middle school, he attended Chance Center High; a rivalry of Tier High School."

Addilyn: "H-he went to Chance before coming here..?"

Aydin: "Addilyn..?"

Emily: "Yes, only for two years though. But he made a name for himself."

Aydin: "The Beast..."

Emily: "Yeah, there's a power system at the school... gangs sort of..."

Autumn: "Really? That seems odd."

Emily: "Well, Elon made it to the top by the second semester of his freshmen year." *Emily pulls out a chart of the power system of Chance Center High* "Number one, Elon Moon: He was known as 'The Beast' for his immense rage when he's pushed to the limits and someone close to him gets hurt. Number two, are Sing Brothers: They were always fighting Elon, the three of them; they were already well known thanks to their older brother. Number three, the teachers and staff."

Autumn and Aydin: "What!? Those four are stronger than the staff at that school!?"

Aydin: "Before Elon came to this school, The Trio were the strongest here and they aren't even close to par with the teachers!"

Aydin: "Yeah, no one was stronger or as strong as our teachers before Elon arrived!"

Emily: "Yeah, Elon is strong."


Autumn: "Dammit, lunch is over."

Emily: "I'll tell the rest tomorrow."

Autumn and Aydin: "Alright, see you tomorrow." *they leave to class*

Addilyn: "Emily, can you ask Elon about Quinn?"

Emily: "Um... sure?"

Aydin: "Thank you."

*At Home*

Emily: "Elon-"


Autumn: "Hey girls!"

Emily, Addilyn, and Aydin: "Hey!"

Aydin: "Took you long."

Autumn: "Yeah, sorry. Hehe."

Emily: "Alright, now where was I?"

Autumn: "You got finished explaining why Elon was called 'The Beast'."

Emily: "Oh yeah. Now the reason why Trinstin called him a traitor and the Abigail girl."

Autumn: "This ought to be good."

Emily: "It's actually kind of sad, and depressing..."

Autumn: "Oh..."

Emily: "Abigail was extremely close to Elon, they never really went out but, they were practically girlfriend and boyfriend."

Aydin: "What happened to her?"

Emily: "She was killed... by one of the Sing Brothers."

Autumn: "She was killed..?"

Aydin: "Who are the Sing Brothers?"

Emily: "Ya'll met two of them, and almost died by one of them..."

Autumn: "That Trinistin boy is one of the Sing Brothers! He almost killed Elon, they can't be that strong!?"

Emily: "I don't know much about them, but Trinstin isn't even the strongest out of the three of them. The one who came to pick Trinstin up is the strongest out of just the three of them- excluding their oldest brother."

Aydin: "Wow..."

Emily: "Yeah... When Elon found out Abigail was killed by one of them, he declared war on them."

Autumn: "War..?"

Emily: "Yeah... Everyone thought Elon was going to lose, but he held his own well. He nearly killed all three of them; he was completely different, beast couldn't describe what he was."

Aydin: "Was Elon really that mad? It seems unreal, he... he seems so-"

Addilyn: "Calm..." *Addilyn says softly looking up slowly at Aydin with a stern face* "I'm not surprised."

Aydin: "Addilyn..?"

*Addilyn Gets Up and Walks Away*

Autumn: "Is she okay, I've never seen her like that."

Aydin: "I hope so..."

Emily: "Should I finish this another time?"

Aydin: "No, continue, she needs time to cool down."

Emily: "Alright... Well after the war, the school was nearly destroyed. After a few days, Elon visited Abigail's burial."

Autumn and Aydin: "Poor Elon..."

Autumn: "He must've been heartbroken..."

Aydin: "When was this?"

Emily: "This was near the end of his freshmen year, so during his entire sophomore year his rank and title began to strip away."

Aydin: "How come, I thought he was number one?"

Emily: "He was, but after the death of Abigail he swore off fighting and anytime someone challenged him he would resign giving the win to the challenger by default."

Autumn: "That sucks."

Emily: "Yeah, he only fought once more when he was going to Chance, then he transferred here."

Aydin: "Do you know-"

Emily: "No, sorry."

Aydin: "Oh, okay."


Emily: "Addilyn..."

Addilyn: "Yes?"

Emily: "He remembers... and he's sorry."

Addilyn: "W...what..."

Emily: "He remembers, and he's sorry. Do you want to know what happened after..?"

Addilyn: *Nods her head*

Emily: "He killed him..."

Addilyn: "Tell him I said thank you..." *Addilyn cries tears of joy and hugs Emily*

Emily: "I will."


Elon's Head: "Abigail...Addilyn."

Elon: "Quinn..." *Elon says angrily punching an android and destroying it*


Deep Voice: "Can't  wait to see my daughter."


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