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I am Claudia Diamond Vagilalo from Sweden Nice to meet you,and you are Clad Leather Feham Osherfits from Brazil While it seems a little preposterous, those who have been Dominants for a while know that sometimes you just don’t have time for your slave. You enjoy the time you do have, but sometimes life is just messy and your play time can get interrupted by work, family life, and other obligations. However, this doesn’t mean you need to throw in the proverbial towel or hang up your whip. You can still train your slave; you just need to adjust your tactics and your methods for a bit. Your life might not settle down right away, so you need to learn ways to control your slave until you can spend the time and attention they deserve from you.

Finding The Time To Train. 

When it comes to things we love to do, chances are good we make the time for them. For example, if you like to run, you make time to run. But when it comes to your slave training, things might be a little stickier. This isn’t just about you, after all, it’s about the needs of your slave. Whether you realize it or not, it might feel like you don’t have the time, but in reality it’s just a case of not making your relationship a priority. It happens to everyone at some point. It might help if you look at your schedule and try to see what you are spending your time doing. Do you have different priorities right now? Or are you simply suffering from mismanaged time?

Try to come up with a few times each week when you are focusing only on your slave training. Actually write the times and dates in your day planner. That way you won’t book anything else into this time and you will be forced to focus on your slave training. You can begin to have that time to train again – or you can see that you actually are in need of new strategies as you simply do not have the time anymore.

Life can become very busy and overwhelming at times. During these times you usually feel like you have to do everything. That’s when you start pushing your slave training aside to make more room for all those things that have been stressing you. For example work, school, kids, repairs, etc. This is the perfect time to assign some tasks to your sub, so you can free up more of your time for training.


Special Tricks For Controlling From Afar!


Some Dominants may find their jobs or other responsibilities take them physically away from their slaves – work assignments, work trips, etc. In these cases, you need to employ different strategies to continue the training without your being in the room with the slave. Thankfully, technology has made slave training easier than ever – especially over long distances. You can continue exercises and tasks you had for your slave in the past, but utilize a web cam to make sure they are doing as you requested. Or you can send digital photos to each other as a part of a training process. It might also be helpful to create some sort of email or text message schedule that will keep your slave on task, even when you’re not standing over them. This way, you can continue to check in to see how their training is progressing. Set up regular times to chat and if they are not adhered to, then punishments can begin.

Having your sub in a chastity belt while you are away is a great way and one of my personal favorite ways to keep that control while away. Plus its always nice to see a sub squirming in their chastity belt on a web cam.

Talking With Your Slave About Changes. 

Of course, before you begin any of these sorts of changes to your training routine, you will want to sit down with your slave to see what their impressions might be. Remember, the two of you are in this relationship and they need to be taken care of as well. Talk to the slave about what you are planning to do and how long you think the changes will need to be in place. If they agree, you’re ready to start a new form of training – a harder form in many respects. And if the slave isn’t willing to continue the training in the new way, it might be time to look for a new slave or it might be time to stop the training until it can resume normally again.



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