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Once again I am being smitten by the truth
As reality Dawn's on me,
Nothing lasts, at some point everything falters.
Why couldn't I see this soon enough,
Why did I have to be fooled all along,
Why did you leave me so shattered ,
Why did we have to share those moments so strong,
Where did we really go wrong,
Thought of these leaves me fired,
For did you ever take me as a friend
Or you where all along weird.

Looking back I wished some moments never transpired,
Never knew you where all along locking behind those shadows,
Waiting for the right time to fling your arrows,
And you did, I will have to admit ,
And was quite successful with it,
Cause am stabbed, deeply,strongly pierced within.

These thoughts totally makes me devil insane,
Sadness and pain have continued to feed me to haze,
I stare sraight at this dark daze,
With only sorrow in my mind
As I have longed lost my smile,
Joy also as longed deserted me,
Laughter is only but a memory,
Such memories with you in it,
Sadly am no longer same,
Only a darker version of pale.

Each thought of you makes the trust thick
Have you no guilt, have you no heart
Have you no shame, feel you no pain,
Feel you still sane with all that has been contained,
For I Can't trust no more
Can't get attached to anyone ,no more
It only destroys me at the end
Specially when coming a from a trusted friend .
This indeed is betrayal,
One my broken heart has to bear,
And one my shaking hands have to tell.

Nellup Ason


  • Nov 08, 2022

  • Nov 08, 2022

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