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I kiss him on his neck 
Then kiss him on his chest 
He smells real good 
He smells the best
i run my hand over his body 
I fill the ripples on his chest 
My hart starts beating 
And i start emaging the rest 

I love the way he touches me 
I love the way we kiss 
I fill like im floating 
Cant get no better than this 

He wispers that he loves me 
Gently in my ear 
He takes away all my worries 
He takes away all my fears 
He been the man ive been waiting for 
For all these.many years 

He presses his body up agents mine 
I cant belive this man is all mine 
I feel his hart beating 
Which makes my hart 
Beat real fast 
I always want this feeling 
To stay with me forever
And want this feeling to allways last 

He starts moving gently 
I feel him in my belly 
My body starts tingling
And my legs turn to jelly 

His body goes all shiney
And theres sweat upon his chest 
He makes me feel amazing 
He makes me feel the best 

Now he goes a little deeper
Runs his hands down my spine 
Moves a little faster
And are worlds start to entwine 
Are breathing gets all heavy 
Hes starts sweating a hole lot more 
Its such an amazing feeling 
I dont wanna stop i want more 

He flips me over on my back 
And are bodys keep on moving 
My toes start to curl 
And then comes the explosion 
I get twingles in my legs 
Twingles down my spine 
My body feels amazing 
Cause of that man of mine 

Then its all over 
And we both go to bed 
I place my head upon his chest 
And we fall asleep and rest .


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