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I really cant take much more of this 
 Were my eyes dwell im with tears 
I wanna go bk how my harrt was like stone And didnt cry for years 
Since i let my hart open  It crys an awful lot 
They say love is ment to nice 
So y does it hurt so bad 
No matter who i love  My kids or my man
  I try my best not to cry 
 The very best i can 
 I try to show things dont bother me 
 But they do real bad
Ive never been in a relationship like this  Where i love my man real bad 
 I love his locks in his hair
  And his beautiful smile
  I love his smooth skin 
And love the way he smell
 I love how he use to say sweet things to me 
And make me feel like a pricess
Even tho i am disabled  He use to make me feel the best
  I love how he use to listen to me 
 When i got upset and sad 
 Now when i express my opinion 
 He just gets upset and mad 
 I loved how he made me feel
So i traveled to be with him
 Where my new life would begin
He use to stay on the phone with me all day and night 
We hardly ever argued hardly ever fight  Now hes got me here 
 Every few days we argue 
 But everytime we argue
  It chips away at my hart
Im scared ill end up walkin away 
From some one i love so much 
Because are arguments are really fucking me up

  The sex we have is amazing 
 Makes me fill like magic 
But im startin to wonder is it me he really wants
Or is he with me out of habit 
 I love when he cares his hart is really big  Maybe its me cause my of my age 
And hes the same age as my kid
  Because i love him so much
 Should i walk away
 let him live his life 
Cause it seems i mske him unhappy 
 And give him head ache
 and cause him problems and strife  Walking away would be the hardest thing ive ever had to do 
 Cause ive never loved someone so much and been so honest and true
Walking away would shatter me 
 But i love him that much 
 Maybe he would be better with out me and would be betterif he was free
Why is love so painful its ment to be fluffy clouds and fairy tales 
 Thats how he use to make me feel 


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