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We worship small gods

And bow to false idols

Placing them on high

And hoping for the best

We say we believe

In all that they say

But know in our hearts

We won't live through the day

They speak words so wise

But then again, say nothing at all

They lead us down the path

And watch as we fall

They flatter us in kind

And wink as they say

Words we long to hear

About our coming days

They promise us grandeur

And things we couldn't dream

But we all know in the end

We will be reamed

Does darkness look so good

That we will run to it

But drag our feet complaining

When we should run from it

Are we that blinded

By trinkets and the like

That we are willing to trash

The pearl of great price

What is our destiny

When we choose the dark

What is the promise

When we miss the mark


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