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Yoo Hoo it 

Was You blew 

Wish list kiss.


What wrong with 

This tongue twist?

Hangman’s Moon 

Shine squeezed piss.

How you grip

Toquilla yet 

Blown away

By 2 Fifths?


Next time wear a Face mask.

Co-vid Coke blown up Nos-strolls.

Got you wide Eyed flared Nose,

Like When The White Power

Around Spics and Negroes! 

Another Dose that knows,

Rudolph lying to the

Honestly they fucked Up 

Concerned praying crying.

While they praying crying,

Whisp Narcan per Fentanyl,

“ His ass is ain’t dying “.


Just His Gold B-BL-inG-Gs  flying.

Stay still for lumped Hot Head 

Needs cold’s compress hear Joe 

Public then ask awkward, 

“ Just who the hell did you Think 

This would work out bad toward?” 

A Matter that the quick 

Head lines On “The bling-ing  Amount that “ Black Lives “ took

Off on Cruises-Wares-Clothes,

Abandoned in Cars Lots 

Of Mansions with Gay Shit!


Heat Seek when found Destroy,

The Jap’Knees made Heads sway-y

Man down voice Soprano,

Screaming for a May Day! 

Calm Kazi Bitch Slaps that Snatched stringed Pearls away, 

Cut that Harbored Bird crap! 

You Learned In some Toxic 

Woman’s Self Defense Class.

An Open mouthed Chimney 

They use suck M-r. C

And got third degree Burned.


With Bumps Herpes blown AIDS 

That ashen yellow g’red,

Pardon your open Mouth,

Butt I Got questions I’ll  

Just ask your Ass instead. 

Out bawling  Don’t Y-You Fuck 

With ManLibs Back-striped Hues.

Fake pussy-sy  that take insane Back shots 3rd degree blue.

Lol..Open Empowered.

Can you see and hear Coins 

Rain R. Kelly showers?


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