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Hear the cry of the oppressed 
As the dragon starts to glow
Flame and fire burn away
That which we started to grow

What is the wonder
Of new sights to behold
From the deep the evil comes
Slaves they must enfold

Oh, come for us the bereaved
Who cry salvation dear
Will we see the promised land
With evil drawing near

No more time to plan and scrape
We all must act now
Cherish those you hold dear
For the coming row

The coming darkness will away
Upon the morning light
See the sun rise above the walls
Chasing away the night

Rider on a horse of white
Army long in tow
Take the battle to the dragon
And deal the fatal blow

See the evil fall away
Into the pit of hell
Never more to be seen
Hear the tolling bell

Ringing from the valley’s 
To the mountain high
No more pain and suffering
Hear the gentle sigh

King HE sits upon His throne
Ruler He presides
Counting all the blessings here
Of all who now reside

Those who made the choice
Those who came to GOD
Those who made the sacrifice
And turned from false gods

See the abundance of the garden
Trees with fruit so ripe
Food so abundant
Never shall we die

See the Son upon His throne
A loving ruler fair
Worship Him at His feet
His name echoes through the air

Angels sing with saints united
Praises fill the hall
Sing Glory Hallelujah 
Sing Hallelujah, one and all


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