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With my glass held up high I get up and 
let me give a toast for the difficult times.

I would like to enter with something that inspires hope and with the over used phrase of "United we will win"

Let's see what can I do to change the mood of this room full of nervousness. 

Let's see, what can I say I am no fortuneteller and any forecast would be erratic. 

Good times are coming I don't doubt it but in
meantime what can we do?

While looking around I see many faces full of uncertainty but the older ones seem calm, maybe because they know that everything is so relative 

As their thinking I can relate and saying "Living with fear is only good business for news"

What I'm slowly learning as im walking is that whether the future is black, white or in-between we should live the present. 

Meanwhile, let's feel alive.
Let's run barefoot in the rain while jumping from puddle to puddle.
Why not find that girl that has us so delirious, and steal a first kiss or a couple.

We live in fear of the end of time since the last dinosaur died,
according to the optimistics big changes are coming but lets not take a step just in case.

The past is a story and the future hasn't arrived, life isnt waiting for us while we're sitting.

One day we will get out of this craziness, but meanwhile let's just breath.

Lets live the today.
Let's waste our lungs in the shower singing out of tune and why not my friend go grab a stranger and give them their first kiss, hug or just love them.

History has shown us that it was you disguised as you who gave birth to your enemies and that it was God disguised as you who healed all the punishment.

Lets not repeat the past nor die waiting for the future, lets just be ourselves and like another over used phrase said "we're still hanging here" so let's enjoy this time because I'm still here today and so are you.

Meanwhile buddy, let's copy the stories that our grandparents told us when we were young, and for bad times to get better lets whish the best intentions, until this straightens lets just feel the now.

Let's go to a field and roll in the mud.
Let's find that one guy that has us so in love, let's steal a first kiss or a couple.

Tomorrow can wait, but today let's not freeze, let's not wait while life passes us by.

The past is gone, tomorrow is another day, today is not over yet so lets enjoy it while we're still here.


  • Nov 04, 2022

  • Nov 04, 2022

  • Nov 04, 2022

  • Nov 04, 2022

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