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Don't pity me when I'm gone.
You think I lost the fight.
And to live I lost the right.
Gone from this world but don't lose sight.
I'm living the hope we all now seek.

Don't pity me when I'm gone.
Sometimes you feel pain and guilt.
Why did I let him quit?
It's not in you to stop...
God's counsel always stand.

Don't pity me when I'm gone.
The best of life I now live
In eternity's beauty free of pain.
God dwells in light and holiness here.
Heaven, a place of delight and eternal rest.

Don't pity me when I'm gone.
I am who you'll soon be...
This world is not our home
We live to die and die to live
So don't mourn me but learn from this.

Don't pity me,I'm not dead.
In the everlasting arms of the Father,I rest.
Jesus lives and forever in Him I live.
In glory with Him I share, for I shall rise,
Rise, gloriously I will on resurrection morning.


  • Nov 04, 2022

  • in memory of my beloved father

    Nov 17, 2022

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