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It's all fake
Those laughs,
Those glances,
Those tears,
Those smiles,
Far away shall I run
Farther away I will
Deep into the woods
High above the sky
Down below the sea
Low beneath the earth
Run to a place yet to be found
To a place of condolence
Far from pain
Far away from society's plain
Far from bounds and constraints
Far from the constant daily drains
Far from all earthly gains
Far from the worldly vains
Have sided to live my life this way
One quiet and plain
I have boarded into this train
To be all alone
To server my world alone
To wake alone
To stay alone
To dine alone
To die alone
To remain still very much unknow
Solitude truley is my very own.

Nellup Reaps (


  • Nov 04, 2022

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