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Have you ever questioned 
Have you ever thought
Have you ever wondered
Have you ever pondered on the possibility
Of what's beneath the mask
The guy who's really behind the scene
Or the things which this masks conceals
The burden these mask carries
Or feelings which this mask buries
Have you ever cared
Well I guess not
You seem quite satisfied with what you are fed
You seem quite ok with the face aired
Those laughs,those smiles and all that's been said
You seem quite contened within
And not even for a second dared to dig in
To see what's tears these smiles have hidden
To know what agony these laughs have written
I Have come to accept fate
And have drawn back into the hoods
Back into my pain
shady and cold as always
Forever dwelling in the in the dark
Forever putting on the mask
For it has always been that way
striding deeper into night
These thoughts only with my self to bare
For no one truly cares
Not so much as to try unveil the mask

Nellup Ason


  • Nov 03, 2022

  • Nov 03, 2022

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