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He sits in a chair, 
Gazing lazily at the sky, 
His eyes tends to dart around
But he stares at nothing precisely 
He hears faintly distant clattering
Until he's finally swallowed up by his thoughts
And he loses every sense of the outside world, 
His head pounds as he thinks randomly 
As various thoughts sips into his mind
Thoughts of being rejected and that of in security, 
Thoughts of life and what it entails, 
Thoughts of fame and the drought that follows after it, 
Thoughts of love and the dangers that comes with it, 
Thoughts of failing and diavaiting 
Thoughts to prove one's self, 
Thoughts of extravagance and acquiring modesty, 
With all these, he's drowning in his thoughts 
And his fragile mind can't carry it all 
Although outside his bright with a smile
As he flows and swirl with people with a sense of humor 
But he has his own problems, that's coverd overlay with a laugh
But yet his mind knows the truth, 
That he is even more broken and hardened inside 
Even after trying to run away from it
He comes back everyday same
For what can he do but watch and let his thoughts unfold, 
Maybe in that he might find rest, 
As it has proven to be a reliable weapon
And at that a trusted companion and a powerful tool of creativity.

    Nellup Ason


  • Nov 03, 2022

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