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There are so many reasons to move to the Mr C Residences condos in Miami. They're in the middle of the action, with the beaches, art, shopping and more all so close by. One of the best things about them, though, is that you're close to the nightlife too. Once you live in the Mr C Residences pre construction homes, you're able to party the night away and get home in the wee hours of the morning. Here are the best nightclubs in Miami right now, that you have to check out. 

1.	LIV Miami

When you think of Miami nightclubs, this is the kind of nightclub that you're thinking of. You'll have seen it on TV and all over social media as the hyper cool nightspot where all the celebrities gather. If you've ever wanted to experience the true cool of Miami, it's the place to be. Once you've moved into your Mr C Residences new construction condos though, then you're practically on the club's doorstep. 

Located at the Font a inebleau Hotel, LIV offers the very best experience every time you go. There's no denying that it's pricey, and you'll need to keep that in mind when planning a trip there. However, it really is worth it. The LIV on Sunday nights are legendary, and you'll have so much fun spotting the celebrities in the VIP section. 

If you're ready to experience LIV for yourself, dress to impress and enjoy living the VIP life. Being so close to the Mr C Residences condos, at least you won't have to worry about shelling out on getting home afterwards. 

2.	E11EVEN

E11VEN is a club that's really unmatched by anywhere else, even by the other clubs in Miami itself. If you're a Mr C Residences pre construction resident, you have the best opportunity to go visit and see what it offers for yourself. 

The club is best described as part nigh club, part performance venue, part strip club and part rooftop restaurant. There's a bit of everything happening here, so you're never going to have a dull night. It truly is an over the top experience, where you'll see everything from burlesque dancers to trapeze artists, and everything in between. 

The club has had a recent re furb too, so when you visit you'll enjoy a brand new, neon lit experience. It's a club that any club fan needs to experience at least once in their life. The good news is that now you're living in the Mr C Residences new construction condos, you can head down whenever you want to enjoy everything that's happening here. 

3.	ATV Records

In the past, ravers would flock to the Electric Pickle to get their fix every weekend. After the closure of the institution, ATV Records have picked up the ball and run with it. The club has been created with a lot of the same minds behind the Electric Pickle, so you'll still see some of the best quality acts that the club was known for here. If you're in the Mr C Residences homes, you're nearby too as it's neatly tucked away Downtown.

You'll see lots of iconic fixtures from the club's roots here, such as the spaceship disco ball and the of course great music that the ravers of Miami love. 

4.	Basement

Want a club that's a little bit different? Located on Miami Beach not far from the Mr C Residences pre construction homes, there's something here that everyone will love. You can of course come here for the dancing, with a rotating cast of DJs ready to provide the tunes. 

If you're feeling something different though, how about skating on their very own indoor rink, or going bowling on neon lit lanes? It's something you just don't normally see in clubs, and that's what makes Basement so much fun to be at. 

If you really want the full VIP service, then you can get bottle service to your table too. For a newcomer to Miami, it's a ton of fun. Plan a trip once you've moved to the Mr C Residences condos, as you'll be sure to have a brilliant time here. 

5.	Twist

For any Mr C Residences new construction condos residents looking for an LGBTQ+ club, Twist is the place to be. They aim to be more accessible and less pretentious than the clubs you'll see on South Beach, with their tag line, “Never a cover, always a groove”. 

While the club is an LGBTQ+ space, they're welcoming to any kind souls who just want to dance. There's two levels with three dance floors, and seven different bars throughout the space. As such, there's plenty of space to dance and enjoy the tunes the DJs are playing every night. 

The best news is that they have 2 for 1 drinks specials every night, from 3pm to 9pm. As such, you can have an amazing night and still stay on budget, too. Once you've made your way back outside, it won't take too long until you're back home in your brand new condo, either. What could be better?

There are so many clubs in Miami, once you move here you can spend so many nights exploring what the city has to offer you. These are some of the top clubs out there right now, and they all offer something different. Miami has something for everything, no matter what you're into. Why not check these clubs out for yourself?


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