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 Why make your son's believe that hard works still pays
Why tell them education is still the key
Always tell them that the system will never favor those who are honest
But those who are smart to their game
Tell them to seize all opportunity by hook or crook
That hard work never pays, it's opportunity that pays!

A world full of powers 
Control by the rich and the well connect
You only get privilege, when your part come across theirs
They own the markets
 And decide how many meals you eat a day
They own the circle
And decide how the earth rotate

Tell them how corrupt the system is before their eleventh birthday
Tell them you'll never get what you want
They decide what you get
Tell them that those who tried to make the system good will always die on a protest ground.

This is not fiction, this is not poetry, this is wisdom.



  • Nice write up

    Nov 02, 2022

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