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Why when you love some one 
There comes heart ache and pain
It dont just hurt you one time 
It hurts you over and over again

You give your heart 
To that special someone 
The person that means 
The world to you
That person whos your everything 
And you forgive them 
For hurting you 

When you have have arguments
People say hurtful things 
Even tho there angrey
Alot of things they mean 

They say the truth comes out 
When your arguing 
You say what you really think 
But something said cant be taken back
And makes you wonder and think 

What if you traveled 
Round the world for some 
And you thought everything was ok 
But be hind your bk 
There making plans to leave you and go away 

But wen the argument calms down 
They say they didnt mean wat they said 
You and i both no 
It will stck in that persons head 

Especally if you know they satarted making  plans 
For that paticular thing they said 
You start to realise in your heart 
They ment exackley wat was said 

So even tho your heart is hurting 
Its breaking and crying deep inside 
You have to put 
Your walls bk up 
And now your feelings you have to hide 

As much as you love them 
They are ment to be your lover and best friend 
There gonna hurt and break that heart of yours 
That you know this time your heart wont ment 

One thing you know 
Is if he breaks your heart
This time is the last time 
Ill ever give my heat it will tear me into peaces 
And rip my world apart 


  • good

    Oct 31, 2022

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