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Time alone far from a you

Loaded ...distant... invisible

Silent and kinda cold

Thinking of my absence

How long until you know

I just want to die and I'm never ready to go

High risk choices that compromise me

Kicking around the dirt I've dug up around my feet

Fucking up my reebox .. blood on on my boots

My backpack weighs 100 lbs 

Moonlight hides me so I can get to you

Out here dancing barking at the moon

Familiar with whispering to the devils


Stars that look like faces and the silence in this place

Firing at the sky trying to make this go away

The beauty of making mistakes and the empty

I left inside this place

Reminding myself why Im all tied up

Blisters and my ankles ...scars on my feet

Death in the bushes a place I retreat ..

Bones, all around natural selection the rib cages thàt look like a comfortable place to sleep

Swelling from these injuries ..laughing in the streets

...walking away from the places I know are bad for me

The smell of Sagebrush... Iron in my mouth

Playing Tetris with the enemy pleading on the end

Gun powder and history ... The taste of the end  

Ashes linger from the pit 

Sparking the empty air around me 

Trying to clear my mind of all I know 

Unearthing shovels I've hid along this ridge.

Another circle chasing myself again


  • nicely said.

    Oct 31, 2022

  • Oct 31, 2022

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