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Simple ways and simple minds
Tearing down production lines
Beat the system until it’s dead
Hit the people over the head

The politicians have lost control
Law of the the land is dead in hand
People screaming for what they want
But no one knows just where they stand

Keep the peace by any means
Control the streets with sword and shield
Words are used to keep them down
Our side will never yield

Who is right and who is wrong
Feel the heat in the impassioned throng
Words are thrown into the air
But do they know how the lost despair

Who are we to negotiate
The lives lost, loved or hate
Plea for peace, but no one knows
The cost for it and how it grows

People celebrate the fall of man
Thinking that there is a better plan
Focus more on people as a whole
Forget GOD and HIS entire role

Made the Earth and the sky above
All the planets, don’t forget about love
Stars we see in the night sky
You and me and our heartfelt sighs

Don’t forget
Don’t forget
Don’t forget about the sacrifice
It wasn’t just a roll of the dice
A perfect lamb of GOD
Blood anointed Son Of GOD


  • wonderfully written.

    Oct 31, 2022

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