The Personal Interview With Madame Leather Domme And Information About Her. (Document B) Read Count : 96

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Question E asked by Tom :please explain in detail 5 tasks and chores that you have set your online submissive and watched them complete them in your quarantine time.?

Question E answered by Madame Leather Domme :I don't set quarantine tasks, really. I prefer actual interaction, an am not into virtual domination play. But I have taught a newbie how to masturbate properly (a work in progress) amongst other things...

Question F asked by Tom :In 2020 Madame Leather Domme what were your funny moments or  funniest memories
With a amazing personal Submissive or something special?

Question F answered Madame Leather Domme . The Funny moments..? I had a sub attend, and after a bit of caning and teasing, he blurted "I can't do this!" He was intimidated and frightened because I was a TV Mistress, and totally lost his nerve. I think he ran home to!!

Question G asked by Tom :what is the best type of Ballbust for You Footwear or barefoot to Ballbusting or a busted and Why?

Question G answered by Madame Leather Domme : Ballbusting is easy.....the sharper the foot wear, the more precise the pain. I prefer stiletto heels, and pointed toes. Sometimes I tale drawing pins to the bottom, but very few submissive can handle that level...

Question H asked by Tom :How long have you been exploring the lifestyle, & how old were you when you started? ( this question includes Hobbies)

Question H answered by Madame Leather Domme : Since puberty, I knew I was different. I was always attracted to women in leather, especially movie villainesses! It is not something I chose, but rather just the way I was made- sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. But I make no apology for it. As with homosexuality etc, if you are born this way, it is futile to fight against it- rather enjoy/explore your own unique kink. Embrace it...and above all, ENJOY IT!!


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