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Letting it sink in, changing how we see things still question what it is in our sights, without description, no title to be labeled.
 Leap from where you sit
jump back to a head is the trick
 fade away, last breath we take
 fallen from Grace.
 Burnt like toast. Tainted Illusions shallow are the Visions.
 Mind begins to smoke in a frenzy!
 Mouth shout nothing but lies
Shadows of yesterday refuse to go away
 Keep Hope in Focus pray it's not too late.
Look for any way to run free and escape the nightmares from day to day.
 Awake no longer able to fake, who's to blame
If we all feel guilty controlled by our shame.
 No fingers to be pointed  Any Which Way no matter now what's done is done.
 I catch a glimpse of you alone in a room your thoughts are quiet your eyes shut,
I can't explain it, fear you claim it,
 you've lost all hope
pain always hurts
 I think I had enough, I lost my mind, just let it fly! Take a sip then a shot already a pint soon a gallon black spiced  Rum.


  • Oct 27, 2022

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