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I don't know where to start 
I don't know where to begin 
If feels like even when I try 
I'm wrong ,and can never win 

It's starting to chip away at me 
And don't know what to do 
Cause the love I have for this man 
Is deep and real and true 

I don't think I have ever 
Loved a man like this 
But lately all we seem to do 
Is I shout we cuss and he dis 

I want to make this better 
Cause I love him very much 
I travel halfway round the world 
Because I longed for this man so much 

But I really can't take this arguing 
Sometimes I wanna walk away 
I pray to God and ask him 
Please show me the right way 

But it's not like god is  listening 
Am I praying all wrong 
I've spoken to him in words 
And even in song 

I find  some times life is hard 
And the world hates me 
Sometimes I wish it was my time 
For god to come take me

I have bipolar whitch doesn't help 
It makes every ten times worse 
This time ten 10 years ago 
I was training to be a qualified nurse 

Now I'm in a wheel chair 
Some times I feel empty deep within
I wake up some mornings 
And wonder where do I begin 

Some times I'm grateful to God 
Two years ago he took my ability to walk away 
Cause if he never took them 
I would be dead today 

7 years ago I met a not so good man 
He encouraged me to take drugs 
And he loved to raise his hand 
He was wicked there was no love

I lost my kids because of it 
My kids my my heart my world 
I had a very supportive daughter 
My baby my little girl 

I ended up homeless 
I lived on the streets 
I  also slept its men For money 
Cause a junkie lived inside of me

I hurt my daughters hart
I could see it in her eyes 
I tried for her to get clean 
Many times I tried 

I tried many times and many times I failed 
The crack and heroin had hold of me 
I was under its spell

Then 2 years ago I got sick
Fluid I had in my spine 
The doctors told me it was fixed a
And I will just be just fine 

Physio the hospital gave me 
It hurt me real bad 
They didn't listen to wat I was saying 
And treated me real bad 

They was not very nice 
They were was agress with me 
And I reckon this as because I was a junkie 

Then one morning I woke up I couldn't feel my legs I told the nurse i needed a wee
She left me so long I wet the bed 

I couldn't sit up I would fall if I tried
I really can't tell u how scared I was 
So scared I balled and cried 

The only person there for me 
Was my daughter skye 
I saw the pain in her heart
And the tears that she had cried 

So that day I decided 
I had to get off drugs 
Cause the love I have  for my daughter 
Was better than any buzz

So detox I did 
I also came off the meth
Now I'm finally free off drugs 
My body can get some rest

The doctors came and told me 
I'd never walk sit up wee by my self again 
I met this amazing man on line 
So supportive he was becoming my best friend

He snatched my hart and i fell in love 
He cares for me greatly not a bad word 
I can say 
And the Love I have for him  grows stronger
Every day 

I travelled  to jamaica so I can be with him 
I can now walk a few steps and sit up on my own 
So the hospital you was wrong  and i win 

But lately were starting to argue 
I think he's tired of me 
I don't know wat I can do or say 
So we can be argument free


  • touching story glad ur recovered

    Oct 27, 2022

  • Carla Davey

    Carla Davey

    thank u

    Oct 30, 2022

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