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Spirituality does not take the place of personal development. You must continually give yourself to personal development so that you would have the ability to stand confident before kings when the opportunity comes.

It's true that your "light" will open doors for you, but sustaining that opened door will depend on how well you have developed yourself.

What do you waste your data on? Watching irrelevant comedy skits? Instead of going to YouTube to watch inspirational videos that would impact your life positively. Whatever you spend your resources on should be what will bring value into your life and not drain the virtue in you.

From month to month, how many books do you read? You're supposed to make it a habit to read. Access the mind of great people! The only way to access their mind is to read their books. 
People's books contain their experiences, challenges, victories and idealogies about life and when applied you will definitely obtain similar results in that area of life.

It doesn't matter the background you're coming from; most great people making waves today came from a poor background, check the record. Your background can't limit you when your mindset is positive and you take the necessary steps.

I have read stories of great men who suffered abject poverty while young, their parents couldn't really give them all the privileges a child deserves, not even a good education. Their parents even had to borrow to make ends most sometimes and even had to do several jobs.

But those young people swore to live a better life and make more impact through their wealth in future. They were determined and at the end of their lives, the life they had impacted through their wealth were uncountable.

The scholarships they granted to students were numerous! This was because they were so determined not to allow their background to determined their end.

You don't have any excuse for not reading books because books can be accessed through your phone. The excuse here is no longer money but that you're yet to prioritize it or probably laziness. 

Why not set your priorities right?

There are online Godly libraries that share books on WhatsApp, you can belong to them and get access to books for free. Maybe you can ask your friends to share some links with you.

Your association also determine your personal development. Sometimes, you could be making efforts to grow but bad friends would be a limitation. Why not cut off with them?

You are not entitled to relate with everybody. What you owe everyone is love and not relationship.Or you are feeling guilty about hurting anyone. Then you are not ready to grow. Cut off from them and only surround yourself with those that have the results you admire.

Those who do the things to inspire you, those who would push you to come out of your shell through the exploits they do. Those who would "keep you on your toes" constantly. Not those who would be in support of your mediocuty because they are ignorant themselves.

Have a schedule for your life. Your life can never be in order when you live it carelessly: when anything goes! No, you won't achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose that way. Your life must be regulated in order to know what to ignore and focus on.

What are those things that are beneficial to your growth, life and destiny? What are those things that would help you to be fulfilled? List them out and prioritize them.

Then consistently follow them daily and avoid destruction but only attend to emergencies that come in between. That way, you will be in charge of your life and grow.

I don't know about you, but I will *CONSISTENTLY* strive to change the track record of my family and be the best I can.

This is the best way to prepare for opportunities tommorow.

Don't let those opportunities meet you unprepared, Now is the time for preparation!



  • good and great write up

    Oct 25, 2022

  • Thank you, someone else who understands the process. Reading more opens more doors, thus bringing more imagination and even sometimes breeds new techniques.

    Oct 25, 2022

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