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I heard her life beeping away from the monitor
She wasn't just dying, she was slipping off my hands
And I was literally there, helpless and fixated on nothing
Nothing was definitely going to save her

Tho I cried all night, I didn't feel satisfied
I mourned not because she had died prematurely.
But That we had planned so much and could do none
It pained me more that we promised ourselves too much and couldn't fulfil any
To think I was just starting to know her
When death did her the honour of the rest.

Death, thou divine punishment
I speak as one who will eventually be summoned
Shouldn't you have warned 
Shouldn't you have given a clue
That all our plans are needless
And all our promises endless
I would have loved instead of lingering
I would have smiled more than smothering
Maybe I'd have prayed instead of promising!


  • Oct 24, 2022

  • Nov 05, 2022

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