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When we fall because of our weaknesses depending on a weakness in our hearts.
In my case a lot has went on in my life where I always felt alone or set apart and still til this day even when giving up everything i still had a weakness that I've overcame for a period of time and times it rose up every time and clearly trying to be ok with isolation even though that's what I normally do but even when growing up. I've been isolated for so long that even as a child i never realized it because always my mother was always at work and there was so much for me to do on my own i would always get into stuff. But mainly why is because I do get sad and discouraged most of the time because I do get tired of always being apart or isolated and like I said we shouldn't find any validation from the world but sometimes I fail at it sometimes because maybe I just want approval or acceptance or a little acknowledgement from here so I always tend to do the wrong things whenever my heart gets weak and my weakness is always the loneliness and longing i still feel even when on the right track. I always fall for the most part but eventually I'll come back up.  Right now it's been kind of a fight and yes it has been a hard time because I knew I fail and I can't nobody but myself. And knowing that times are running out and most times I've always reminded myself is the things I've longed for doesn't matter but still why it still matters...


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