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Bitter sweet misery,
That's what you claim me to be.
All wrapped up in myself never think of anyone else.
Threatened attempts of anger rage in hopes it sets me back to notice you 
All I can see is another set of emotions s I shouldn't control even if you blame me for the very hold.
I told you before I want not to control others emotional side show don't let my actions lead you away from truth you wish to stay afloat but by others love as your boat im afraid I have a hole and soon to sink to the deepest of any ocean floor.
My words never once heard,lead us to right here clouded insecure and at a loss of what happens next.
Flames spark blame on me even after I cried I want no control over another's soul.
Afraid you lost my love after you fail to listen as I speak my Shane and guilt from before the pain inflicted put me in cage with sorrow and blame I never want to welcome more.
Against all pleading here you sit and I'm defeated but again you rip and rip anger against my name not what I wanted but partly knew it was only a matter in time to grow from deaf ears that never did really hear the pain I begged to never force anther to claim.
I'm breaking and so close to my end not matter that one's that are twisted in my soul tied to me forever I know fail them pain from my sins forgiven but destiny to feel pain forever for being so cold death is so near not one has seemed to really care but the eyes do show the fear that I'm slipping further from control of my dreams to no longer be here or feel you keep pushing as if I can forgive myself for pain I've trapped in those that deserved so much better they can't escape the fate I forced their way now they live and are doing good but pain and sorrow forever will follow the end closer then they let appear I feel the truth in each of them its part of who I am in them my shoulders forever will carry that fact until my breath refuses to flow an my heart beats one last thump making me cold and tears that will follow close as the dirt shoveled over my corpse. I am held in the utter forced control of certain individuals I begged you no more can I bare to hold but you keep forcing blame on broken feelings I am barley able to hold maybe its time to let me go never can I be what your asking for.


  • Dark 😟 Love though, curse or not? Great job for the most part. Run on sentences seem to be a huge problem though and it doesn't make sense in some points because of it.

    Oct 21, 2022

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