Life Is A Lesson: The Betrayal🥀 Read Count : 50

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Anything's that's forced I don't feel it
Can I just keep it real?
I'm being still & letting God heal it

If it's meant to be then it will come to pass
But this is my life I'm living & 
I'm going to live it like it's my last

I'll take the risk whether I succeed or fail
Knowing I did it against the odds
After walking through the valley of hell

I had death all around me grim reaper knew my name
Twice he has found me but walked away in shame

I'm covered by the blood & if I boast I'm boasting God
I lived to tell you the story of how I beat the odds

Many fell off as the devil came to collect
I was once so shook he had me hollering next

Battling suicide with depression on my back
These feelings I had to hide just trying to keep shit in tack

Everyday wasn't the same in this battle for my life so many thought I was insane for going back; I still stayed I just removed your knife

You stabbed me in my back after years of holding your ass up
Gave you everything I had, still it wasn't enough

You turned my heart cold as ice 
I must admit to being that bitch had me thinking I was going to be your wife

Never again & I stand 10 on that
The hardiest lesson came from my friend; still God blessed me in the midst of mess


  • Oct 21, 2022

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