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Tree : Why do you blow sand into humans eyes?? Whatever might be the reason but I hold you strong.
Soil : It’s my wish I will blow…And by the way I provide you nutrition… 
Tree : That’s true I am nothing without you but you also won’t be there without me.
Soil : But how is that possible!! I am a natural resource. 
Tree : Yeah but nowadays soil erosion is increasing rapidly and I hold you strong with my roots. 
Soil : Ohh yeah but all the cause of erosion are humans aren’t they? 
Tree : Well yes. Not only your life but my life is also at risk! 
Soil : Wait What!! I am getting eroded and your life is at risk? How is that possible? 
Tree : Have you ever thought what is the cause of soil erosion? 
Soil : No..🤔
Tree : The answer is most likely to be cutting down of trees. 
Soil : Oh you hold me firmly. If you are not there I will definitely be eroded. Do you know preventive measures to.. Prevent soil erosion?? 
Tree : First before learning about preventive measures of soil erosion learn about the factors causing soil erosion.. 
Soil : Its very interesting, tell me more about them!!
 Tree : As we already discussed ; soil erosion is mainly caused due to humans but you might be surprised to know that there are also natural reasons for soil erosion!! 
Soil : What?? 😯 I only heard about humans causing soil erosion. And that’s why as you asked in the beginning this is the reason why I blow sand into humans eyes. I never knew our friend the nature was also a factor of soil erosion.. 
Tree : That’s very rude, but to be honest some natural resources like moving water, wind carry you out and the topsoil gets removed. This is the soil erosion caused due to natural elements.  
Soil : Ohh.. 
Tree : Natural erosion does not impact a lot but humans make it more easier for soil to erode. Like I hope you saw cattle grazing around? 
Soil : Yeah I did..
Tree : But if the farmer makes them graze in the same place then eventually there will be no grass left and the topsoil is exposed to wind that gets carried away. 
Soil : Oh that makes sense. I wish I was a living being to stop the farmer from making him graze his cattle at the same place. 
Tree : Yeah same here. I wish I was a human being so that I don’t get cut down. Do you know cutting down of trees also leads to soil erosion?..When human beings cut down trees it loosens the soil which eventually gets carried away.. 
Soil : Ohh… What about Preventive measures? 
Tree : We can’t do anything about the natural erosion but we can prevent soil erosion caused due to humans by the following the steps: 
1) Humans should not make cattle graze at the same place every time. 
2) They should start afforestation instead of deforestation. 
Soil : Uhh one last question? 
Tree : Haha Sure… 
Soil : What is the difference between afforestation and deforestation? 
Tree : Afforestation means planting trees. Deforestation means cutting down trees. Soil : Oh ok thank you for telling me about soil erosion that makes our friendship of soil and tree stronger 😉


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