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Rewriting history
By tearing down statues
Of our heroes 
That you despise
Crying out for fairness
While keeping us down
Freedom to say anything
As long as it conforms

Railing against religion
Talking about false prophets
Not understanding relationships
And the hearts entanglement
Cursing to a GOD
You don’t understand
Blaspheming his creation
With your gender identity

Turning loose the criminals
Writing new laws
That are stricter for civilians
Advancing your cause
Undocumented people
Streaming over the border
Taking from us our ways
And the money we pay… in taxes

Point the finger at the past
Say here is the cause
When all can see your actions
Have broken our laws
Prices have skyrocketed
Cost of living riding high
Who will sell us ease
When we can’t afford to drive

Cause of great concern
Our leaders state of mind
Who is in charge
On this day and time
Is it the man behind the curtain
Or a wife’s guiding hand
Who is the true leader
Of this once great land

Friends are now our enemy
Who is primed for war
Is there any way
To close this open door
Will cooler heads prevail
Will ego take the day
Who has the most power
Will we listen to what they say

Can you see 
What our future will be
Can you see if there’s peace
Here, for you and me
Can we overcome our blunders
Make things right again
Will our leaders, here and abroad
Come to confess their sins?

Words have new meanings
Definition made to fit
The new world order
And what’s become of it
Watch as our leaders
Sell us to the slaughter
Sitting on their thrones
Debauching their own daughters

Scenes of Babylon
Before the naked eye
Who will be wise counsel
For those about to die
We have been brought 
To the gallows one and all
Is now the time
When everything falls


  • Oct 20, 2022

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