The Personal Interview With Madame Leather Domme And Information About Her. (Document A) Read Count : 28

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Question A asked by Tom : when I created the first Lovely article about You Madame Leather Domme, how did you feel about each when you first saw it (Article)!what was your first two description of the lovely Unique article or about me? ❓

Question A answered by Madame Leather Domme :Tom I was very flattered that you wanted to create an article about Me, and that I could share My persona with a wider audience.

Question B asked by Tom :do you feel exactly worried it would be Written wrong or emotional or extremely happy with Joy and happiness in your Lovely feelings.? ❓

Question B answered by Madame Leather Domme : I am always concerned with how I am portrayed. Every article has a different slant, so I need to know that people see the real Me.

Question C asked by Tom: What kind of Favorite Bdsm hobbies do you or Bdsm hardcore games do play meanwhile you are in quarantine in your country? ❓

Question C answered by Madame Leather Domme : Quarantine is difficult, with little or no interaction. Sometimes I just work on My photos, or play solo....for example, I am planning a solo shoot where I pierce My genitalia several times (again!) Lol.

Question D asked by Tom: can you please explain to me your actions and theories that you like about the Colourful Adorable artists I have wrote about You Madame Leather Domme? ❓

Question D answered by Madame Leather Domme : Your articles are excellent, but I don't wish to be portrayed as smiley or approachable. I am rather arrogant, sometimes bordering upon the harsh/extreme, provided that My subject can take it.


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