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There's times I've been broken 
and times I cried,
Times I weeped,
Times I sighed.
But times I realize that I have a friend greater than any friend than I can imagine.
Times I felt so alone he was there to bring me strength.
I have my moments but I know they're worth his glory.
I've been troubled in my heart when really i was asleep to my own spirit.
Times I just felt like dying and giving up.
But I realized that he still loved me when I didn't love myself.
He was always my only best friend from the very beginning way before I knew him.
Even when the world persecuted me
And times everyone would torture me all I did was in the midst of the hurt, the trauma, and the pain He still loved me til this day. I was an idolater, a sinner and still a sinner but His love is still keeping me sane.
Though there's times I cry even when love wasn't around for me on earth He was the only one who truly poured his heart out for me when I tried to run and was looking for love in all the wrong places and times in dreams he wanted me to come back home. The world may hate me because really I'm not of this world but I do live in it and most times I do get lonely and I realize the many things God has blessed me with so much. He really blessed nightly and no wonder why I have such a passion serving him because He's always been my only and true best friend when I didn't have any. He gave his only life just to be my friend til' the end. 


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    Oct 17, 2022

  • Oct 17, 2022

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