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What I Like About Writing...
I tend to resort to writing things down that are on my mind. At least this is the slightest bit of solace I'm able to get. I find myself more expressive in writing than in speech. I'm just that kind of person, but I feel like this is my happy place. 
I have to admit that being my go to, I may put in some random thoughts of the day or just to my express my feelings. But that's just because I enjoy writing, and I really do feel like I have this freedom to say things out of my heart without it getting hurt. Or at least I hope it helps me this way. This way is my way of coping. In anytime that I'm not writing I'm lost in my head in some room that's far off from here. But I find that when I dig deeper into my own thoughts, and bring them back up to the surface I become more aware of them. I don't know who I am... And through my writing I'm progressively learning more and more about myself. More than I ever have. Something about it soothes me. Calms me in a way that nothing else does. The thing I actually enjoyed most in school were the writing activities because I could open my mind to all sorts of things. And I love it. Being able to express things like this-- it's invigorating. I genuinely feel like I can be myself. I can identify myself through a single poem or paragraph. Sure I like to do other things, like drawing and playing games. But writing just seems to strike me different. This is my therapy. 

Sometimes I feel like I can't cry anymore. Like the feeling has just overwhelmed me so much I don't even think it exists. At least not for her. She's my own sister. Sure I put off a lot on her. I'm like one of those crazy kids, that'll accuse someone of cheating even when they're not. But I do try to think before doing things too irrationally. Long story short-- (if you've read some of my past writings about my sister on my other account) you know much about her. I tend to express the stress that she puts on our family and her child. And let's just say she's up and at it and gone again. With a man who's nothing to her. Who is a threat to her life. Truth be told, you'd be better off talking g to a wall. We went on a two day trip, per day-- my sister stayed home to take care of our dogs (because we have eight) By the end of our second day she was gone. Sure shes5 my sister I should be upset. But I think I've gone numb to this and now I feel like I don't even care... But it hits me every time when my nephew walked into the house (almost 2 years old) only to find that his mother is gone. It kiills me. Because he searched our home for her and burst into tears. Every part of me wants to smack some sense into her, ask her why she left him. But no matter... That's fine now... It's all gone now... God knows we just need a break. A break away from the drama, and away from the stress. Just a big break in general.


  • Keep writing. I can see through this piece of yours that you have so much bottled up inside, which is not healthy. So keep writing and slowly let it all out. 💜

    Oct 14, 2022

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