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The first time I met you, 
I felt the attraction, but then we started talking 
and the more we talked, the less I liked you

You were so controlling, it felt like I was suffocating,
I was no longer happy, I felt miserable in your presence 

My friends, who I thought were my real friends,
chose your side over mine, is funny thinking back 
now, I'm glad I met you because Now I know 
who are my true friends

The more you wanted to touch me,
be with me, wanting to get near me,
pushed me to be far away from you

Is crazy how you were telling other people 
you were depressed, you were not eating, and that 
You wanted me back, but now you're dating someone else
Now, who's the liar, not ME 

Thank YOU, but BYE it was nice meeting you 
and I hope I never meet you again


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