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Old you

We'd always been close, 
Knew I could call, 
Whenever I needed, 
And you'd be my all, 
You adored me so much, 
I thought it couldn't be true,
Nobody ever loved me like you, 

Got on with my family just the same, 
I swear I would've taken your last name,
In a heartbeat, if you asked me... 
Now all I see,
Are these mistakes that were made. 
The goodbyes, the hellos, 
The cheating and the dope, 
You never really changed. 

I'm guilty of putting my life on pause, 
Appeasing ever whim you had, 
Focusing solely on your cause, 
I gave you everything I had, 
But I lost the most important thing of all,
I lost myself somewhere between, 
The lies and the writings on the walls, 
I couldn't find room to breathe. 

You've always been selfish when it came to us, 
And I've always let things slide away, 
Never wanted too much, 
Just wanted you too stay. 
And I needed you to be mine, 
Because I didn't want another heartbreak, 
You're the only thing that I got right, 
Even if I got it wrong in the first place. 

And I miss the you when we first met, 
I miss the guy who got nervous instead, 
He wouldn't of dreamed of hurting me, 
He couldn't of seen anyone else when he was with me, 
He worshipped the ground I walked upon, 
He was so in love it was hard to believe, 
Anyone could feel that way about me. 

You loved my child, 
You loved our life, 
You paraded me round, 
Said you'd make me your wife, 
We had our baby, 
A beautiful girl, 
I couldn't wait for us to show her the world, 
But 5 years on, 
I sit here alone, wondering where you are, 
If you'll ever come back home, 
If your even the guy I knew before,
Or was it a lie to get you through the door. 

By Trish Huntley 


  • Alta The Writer

    Alta The Writer

    So beautiful words, they really touched my soul.

    Jan 04, 2023

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