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Open heart policy

What stings the most,
Is that I trusted you,
Without fear, without reservation, 
I gave my all to you, 
I didn't withhold or protect my heart, 

I believed wholeheartedly this was it, 
I'd found the one, 
I'd be spending the rest of my life with, 
I believed we had the family, the house, the dream, 
All in pipelines but clearly not as it seemed, 

Maybe you pulled the wool over my eyes, 
Maybe I was happy and you just lied, 
But I was sure it was there, 
The love was complicit, 
But now I just stare at the ceiling until I sleep, 
Wondering if it was ever reciporcated, 

In this big old house we were supposed to call our own, 
In the bedroom we chose, 
But I don't like being in it alone. 
In this house that feels empty now it's not home. 

I thought we were forever, 
But forever doesn't exist, 
Only in fairytales, 
And this isn't bliss, 
So even though I love you, 
I'll watch you walk away, 
And continue our dream on my own, 
For the children's sake. 

By Trish Huntley 


  • Jan 03, 2023

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