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Thinking about hosting a new year's party at your new Mr C Residences Coconut Grove home? It's the best time to show off your home, and a great place to hold a big bash. If you're thinking of planning a new year's party this year, here are some tips to help you throw the best party ever. 

Invite Your Guests Early

If you're thinking of having a new year's bash at the Mr C Residences new construction homes, you'll need to start planning it earlier than you'd think. Being in Miami, you're overwhelmed with options for a great night out on December 31st. 

As such, make sure that you're sending out those invites as early as you can. That way, you'll be able to invite your guests before they make other plans, and ensure that you'll have lots of people enjoying your party into the small hours. 

Be Ready With The Glasses

At a good new year's party, the drinks will always be flowing. You'll want to have enough glasses to ensure that everyone has a drink in their hands when they want one. A good rule of thumb is to have two glasses for each guest, in case of breakages. 

If you don't want to risk your good glassware, you can find some really impressive plastic glassware now. These options look just as good as your real champagne flutes, but they'll stand up to being dropped and are much less likely to break. 

Mix Your Cocktails Ahead Of Time

Cocktails are another great option for your new year's party at the Mr C Residences pre construction condos. Everyone loves a good cocktail, and they look great in photos of the party too. You don't want to be stuck in the kitchen making them all night though, so it's a good idea to have a few pre mixed and ready to go in large jugs, which you can then put in the refrigerator. 

Once the night of the party rolls around, you'll be able to allow guests to help themselves to cocktails whenever they want to. That'll take a lot of work off your plate, so you can enjoy the party at the Mr C Residences Coconut Grove. 

Pick The Best Foods For The Party

Before you host your new year's party at your Mr C Residences new construction home, you'll want to think about what foods would be best to serve. You'll want to have something on offer to soak up the drinks that you'll have for your guests, but people will want to be able to mingle. As such, make sure that you have lots of delicious finger foods for them. Think sweet potato bites, stuffed mushrooms, chicken and waffles, and so on. 

The key is to place all the food on one table, buffet style. Leave plates at one end so guests can pick up what they want with ease, and enjoy the food that you offer. In your invites, make sure you make it clear whether there will be food or not. That way, they'll know whether they should eat beforehand. 

Keep Your Guests Safe

As there's bound to be drinking at your party, you'll want to ensure that everyone gets home safe. Before your guests get there, make sure that you have the number to a reputable local taxi service on hand. That way, they can get home without drinking and driving. If possible, you could always designate a guest or two as the designated driver, who will get everyone home safely. 

As an alternative, you can have guests stay at your Mr C Residences pre construction condos for the night. Get your guest room all set up for guests, and they can party in style knowing they won't have to go far to crash for the night. 

Don't Forget The Decorations

It's a party at your Mr C Residences Coconut Grove home, so don't forget the decorations for the event. For new year's eve, a great idea is to go with metallic themes. For example, balloons in gold or silver are always fun, and shiny fringe backdrops are perfect for photos. You can take it one step further and create a full photo booth for the night, complete with cardboard props. 

If you want to go all out with the glitter and glam, then you can use disco balls to bounce light around the Mr C Residences new construction home, and make it feel like a party. They'll blend in well with your Christmas decorations, too. 

Get Some Party Games In

While most guests will be happy to enjoy the food and drink and dance the night away, party games will add a little extra fun to the evening. You can easily find some online or in stores, so all the guests at the Mr C Residences pre construction condos will have a good time. 

You can rent or create casino games for example, using play money for everyone to use. You could even make things more interesting by offering a prize for the person with the most cash at the end of the night. Board games are another good option for those that want a more laid back affair. 

There are a few things you should take care of if you're planning a new year's bash in your Mr C Residences Coconut Grove home. Once they're handled though, you'll be able to enjoy the evening and ring in the new year with style.


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