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Her pure silence was her gift.
Flourishing in strength
Dressed in A gentleness of Calm, faithfulness, hope & most importantly love
As she found solace a Sanctuary simply be at one with this divine source 
Just by pausing, to be still. 
Listening to the Flow.
Trickling waters of forest combes 
That soothed the Ears from erupting like a volcano. 
Blossoming open 
To recieve hear Words. 
Nature speaking Wisdom&healing. 
Breaking down the barriers 
Dissolving the walls of a past.

Walks with Her eyes
That speak for her. 
Glistening in Awe. 
Full of wonder, curiousity&magical delights. 
Despite no make up worn. 
Her inner strength is her beauty. 
Observing the fluttering wings of nymphs & dragonflies that gather at the waters edge. 
The mossy banks. 
Whispering ever so softly you are enough dont change for anyone. 
Transmuting the limitations,melting away the anxiousness. 
External Pressures of an overwhelming world. 
This connection indestructible 
Unbelievable unbreakable. 
Stands unwavered 
At this gateway to her heart. 
A perfect landscape Woven&Formed
GM 25th Dec 2022 
Listening to the stream 
Quantock Hills 


  • Dec 25, 2022

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