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If you have seen a significant increase in sales during Prime Day and would like this upward curve to continue here are some tips offered by experts providing Amazon FBA coaching, to continue increasing profits after Prime Day: 

Increase number of product review

It is impossible to overstate value of Amazon product reviews. In comparison to personal recommendations, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews more. Having a large number of high-quality reviews can set you apart from competition and encourage brand-new customers to try your products. 

So be sure to make the most of increase in sales that Prime Day brought by asking for a review of each and every purchase you made. One way to do this is to use "Request a Review" button on orders page in your Seller Central. 

However, Amazon email automation is the best and most effective way to request reviews. Third-party tools assist you in scheduling and automating this process so that every product review request is sent out at the precise time you specify in order to generate as much new feedback as you can, whether you choose to create a personalized template to send to your customers or to simply click "Request a Review" button and let Amazon handle it for you.

Make price adjustments

The year-round practice of repricing on Amazon is crucial. Long-term success depends on making certain that your products are priced both competitively with respect to your rivals and to maximize your profit margin. Reassessing your pricing is especially important to increase revenue after Prime Day. 

Due to influx of customers that Prime Day brings, quantity is king for many sellers. In order to increase sales, product reviews, and brand recognition, it is frequently a smart strategy to reduce prices and profits. 

Sellers who neglect to return their prices to normal levels, however, risk losing out on profit margins typically produced by those sales. However, some products might function better at new or lower price points. Make sure your prices are optimized for a post-Prime Day market by giving your store a nice thorough review.

Review your budget and advertising spending

The same holds true for marketing. Budgeting for significant occasions like Black Friday, Prime Day, and the holidays is frequently very different from daily advertising spending. Some sellers fail to return their budget to its previous level, while others simply do so, restoring everything to its pre-Prime Day state. Consult an Amazon FBA specialist if you are unable to adjust your budget or for general tips to improve your business. 


Whenever making any decisions remember that rankings in sales, pricing, inventory, and other elements may have been significantly impacted by your sales during Prime Day.


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