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Sub Category : Fantasy
Once there was a unicorn. Generally all unicorns are rainbow in colour but this unicorn was plain white. 
Once it was wandering in the jungle and it was weeping that it was white and not rainbow like others. Right then a traveller passed by.
She saw the unicorn weep and asked her,
 “ Why are you crying my dear?”. She replied, “I am not beautiful like other unicorns because others are rainbow and I am white”. The traveller laughed.
She said, “ Oh my dear unicorn you are unique. The only thing is that you don’t realise you value.” Unicorn becomes astonished and asks, “Wait a second! How come I am unique?”
“Yes! See first of all no unicorn is white in colour so it means anybody can seldomly see a white unicorn. So if you want to showcase your uniqueness then you have to go to the zoo where you can’t be free and you have to be caged within the bars. But here in the jungle you are free and can do anything. So now do you understand your uniqueness?”, asks the traveller.
The unicorn then understands its uniqueness and also understands she should be happy with what she has, “Yes. I understood my uniqueness. I really thank you for making me realise this”. The traveller is now happy and walks away.
The next day the unicorn is happy and walking freely, jumping around.


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