Desiring Or Deserving (POEM) Read Count : 52

Category : Articles

Sub Category : Politics
’Simply to stop - for a while - again to start,                As if to halt, wait ‘n’ feel - at heart!                     Never seeking so much - ’for norms,           Just to be exposed - ’in forms.                     Requiring, within regularity - ’a pause,       ’So, arranged over - one or other cause!      ’Temporary though - yet a speck - of transformation!                             ’Decorated, with scattering - a sublimation.   Is it a stratum - of converted calmness!      ’Awaited! ’launched - with diverted firmness!                                                      ’Rhyme ‘n’ rhythm - in multiple - a festival!! Burstingly colourful - quite ample - a carnival!!


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