Crow Warning Alert While On Top Of Tree Read Count : 35

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
During cold cloudy day there something wrong with the bird. The sound of help or becareful. He’s facing straight to those building and the woods area. With a strange panic sound got me wonder. Something isn’t right in the woods. That’s why that bird won’t quiet. Few people trying to silent the animal. But he can’t. Sense of danger somewhere. Still on top of the empty tree with no leaves. I hearing the cries trying to given us attentions. One of the black bird won’t leave till monster exit. The woods is dark and gloomy out there. With season of rains creeping on. The bird sense an odd fishy feeling that day. Must trying to get people to staying away. And continue to alarm the neighborhood. Never see any animal like this one. I wish to take a picture of the bird sitting alone on the tree. But he’s not in the mood. I didn’t sense any feeling like the bird. The way he respond. The woods is a murder. Must be the walking death or an enemies. Threatening to attack or eating. It’s so sad to see an bird alone. One of the frightened winter day. When a bird trying to warn everybody.


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