Execution By The English Men Read Count : 98

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
The group of people in the village accused them from witch craft and murder. Not just that the family of their own mess with an africa girl. They got so angry and calling him a racist name. The mother looks like a witch to them. And the rest of family a murder. They trying explain to them but it was too late. In the woods about to be burn after hangs to death. Those people throwing stones at them. And yielding out the very bad words. The family trying to fights back but the rest of crowds attacking them. Raining pours down all day. In the different country England. These people refuse to listen their stories. After that person got killed. In a generation where they in a deeper situations. Those soldiers having enough and hang them to death. And set those bodies on fire. It’s a shame those kids have to be put down too. On the cloudy day the crime is solve.


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