Kidnapped In Breaking Of Dawn Read Count : 94

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
We walking together down the street. So quiet and cloudy outside. Till this grey car pull to the side with few big guys. They asking If we need a ride. I said No. And my friend too. Till that guy hit me from behide and my friend escape. That guy tide me up and place me inside the trunk. My feeling was hurt. I have to find a way to escape or I’m a goner. I find the way to cut a rope and remove the string from my mouth. Then I kicking the crap out of the back and run. The car stops and those guys chasing me. I have to running really quickly so that same mobsters won’t snatched me up. After those men gives up. I running my way home and panic. I refuse to walking back that spot ever again. That’s a shame I couldn’t hang out with my best friend. We didn’t know those guys were kidnappers.


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