Stuck In The Whirl Pool Read Count : 56

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
During fishing boat sitting on the chair. I catching as many. Always cloudy and hot. No storm headed my way. Just fishes hoping up from the sea. After catches many fishes I notices a major whirl pool in the center. I wish to having group of people helping me with this boat. But I all alone on the boat. I cruising around and fishing. The problem trying to escape the hole. I can’t get out of the circle. It’s swirling around and I panic. Then I took my boat inside. I couldn’t get out myself. I fell off the little boat. Those fishes couldn’t escape and myself is trap. I hit my head on the stone. That hurts really bad. I couldn’t get myself any help. I a dead man. The pressure knocking me off my feet. Without escape I drown inside the deep blue sea. I still gets hits with an objects.


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